Forever Humboldt

Richard E. Winnie

'69 Economics

Richard Winnie has always had a strong sense of civic responsibility, from his college days in the political clubs of HSU all the way to advising newly-formed states in Central and Eastern Europe. In his distinguished career as an attorney, he has been solving complex regulatory problems as private and public counsel to all levels of government for over 30 years.

Recently the County Counsel to Alameda County, Winnie has also served as staff attorney to the California cities of Berkeley, Oakland, and Santa Rosa. Although his position sometimes inserted him in the middle of polarizing political debates, he consistently maintained his integrity and principles while making decisions that benefit the greater good.

In the international realm, he played a pivotal role as legal advisor on the establishment of new economic and governmental institutions in Central and Eastern Europe. He has advised such states such as Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Kazakhstan, among others.

Winnie volunteered for over 20 years with numerous organizations on projects ranging from governance models to waterfront studies. His interest in civic service dates back to his time at HSU, where he served on the Associated Students Council, volunteered with the campus Young Democrats, and gave the valedictory address to his graduating class.