Forever Humboldt

Alumni Updates

Gary B. Perlmutter, Other- Zoology, 1991

May 10, 2016

Gary B. Perlmutter, 1991 Zoology, graduated from North Carolina State University with a Master of Science in Natural Resources.

Robert Brundage, English , 2016

April 13, 2016

Robert Brundage, 2016 English, has officially accepted enrollment at the University of San Diego where he will pursue a Master of Education in the Teaching English as a Second Language, Literacy and Culture program. With this degree, Brundage hopes to be a competitive candidate for English teaching jobs all around the globe.

Robert P. Parker, Fisheries Biology , 2011

March 29, 2016

Robert P. Parker, 2011 Fisheries Biology, began working for the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality as a Clean Water Act Section 401 coordinator in March. 

Jeremy Bisson, Wildlife , 1999

March 13, 2016

Jeremy Bisson, 1999 Wildlife, spent six years working as a biologist in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries Pacific Islands Regional Office Observer Program after graduating HSU. In 2006, Bisson moved to south central Idaho, where he has been working as a wildlife biologist in the Burley BLM Field Office for the last nine years. His focus in Idaho has been sage-grouse habitat restoration where he’s had success in developing a landscape scale habitat restoration plan and collaboration.

Kenneth L. Liscom, Wildlife , Jan., 1949

March 8, 2016

Kenneth L. Liscom, 1949 Wildlife, was born and raised in Arcata. Liscom has retired after 40 years of working with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. He studied salmon and steelhead in the Sacramento River, Alaska, Columbia, and snake rivers by radio tracking. Liscom also studied fish scale analysis and effect of electrical guiding on salmon.

Rhiannon Klingonsmith, Wildlife , 2004

March 7, 2016

Rhiannon Klingonsmith, 2004 Wildlife, has worked as a wildlife biologist in the state and private sectors since graduating. Klingonsmith has remained active in The Wildlife Society and is currently the Sacramento-Shasta chapter president for 2016. 

Jeff C. Stevenson, Journalism , 1981

March 7, 2016

Jeff C. Stevenson, 1981 Journalism, was recently accepted into the Horror Writers Association. Stevenson has several articles, flash fiction, short stories and novelettes being published this year. Film rights for Stevenson’s first book, “Fortney Road: Life, Death, and Deception in a Christian Cult,” are now being represented by Steve Fisher of the Agency for the Performing Arts. Dean Koontz calls Stevenson’s book, “a unique and compelling true story.”

Stephanie Foster, Wildlife , 1995

March 2, 2016

Stephanie Foster, 1995 Wildlife, is currently working at the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley. The center provides care and rehabilitation for injured, sick and orphaned wildlife.

Robert Deane, Journalism History , 2007

March 2, 2016

Robert Deane, 2007 Journalism and History, is currently the library technician/paraprofessional aide for the Butte Valley Unified School District. Deane also completed his second year of coaching the school’s junior varsity boy’s basketball team, winning the Evergreen League title with a 6-0 league record. Deane will begin the teaching credential program at Simpson University this summer. 

Cherrish Robinson , Critical Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies , 2014

March 2, 2016

Cherrish Robinson, ’14 Critical Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies, is graduating this May from Michigan State University with a M.A. in Student Affairs Administration. Cherrish is currently looking for jobs. Robinson wishes to pursue a career in the education pipeline (both K-12 and Post-secondary education), specifically in the administrative or policy related capacity. Within higher education, Robinson is interested in the functional areas of multicultural student affairs, TRIO/EOP, student success and retention, transfer student services, and academic advising. Robinson is also searching in the non-profit realm with a focus on community capacity building, K-12 education reform, high education access and preparation, and diversity and inclusion training and education.