Forever Humboldt is an organization of Humboldt alumni, students, family, faculty, and staff. We exist to showcase our shared pride in the university, and to promote charitable giving in support of its mission.

History of the Alumni Association

Cal Poly Humboldt opened its doors in 1913, under the name of Humboldt State Normal School.  On May 26, 1915, the first graduating class participated in commencement ceremonies at the Minor Theatre.  Fifteen women received certificates, becoming the first graduating class and our first alumni.

From the beginning, Humboldt has focused on producing alumni who make a difference in the world. In the words of Humboldt's first president, Nelson Blieau Van Matre, "The course of study offered in the Humboldt State Normal School will make the very best teacher that it is possible to make out of those who enter."

In 1924, just 11 years after the institution was founded, the Alumni Association was organized. The first officers were Hugh Stewart, president; Emily Duprey Murray, vice president; and Jessie Turner Woodcock, secretary. The Association sponsored the school’s first homecoming, honoring the not-so-distant class of 1917.

Today, the 8,300 students at Cal Poly Humboldt chose from a wide range of majors and minors, including graduate programs, credentials and certificates of studies.

"Cal Poly Humboldt…what?"

Humboldt has been known by many names through out the years. 
1913 Humboldt State Normal School
1921 Humboldt State Teachers College
1935 Humboldt State College
1972 California State University, Humboldt
1974 Humboldt State University
2022 California State Polytechnic University, Humboldt

Alumni Association Timeline

Fall 1924 – Original Humboldt State Normal School Alumni Association formed and first Homecoming dance held.

Spring 1960 – Alumni Association begins “Who’s Who” award to honor distinguished alumni. First recipient was George Hogan (’33).

Fall 1979 – Students begin tradition of honoring elder alumni at Homecoming celebrations.

Fall 2014 – Humboldt Alumni Association is combined with other groups to form Forever Humboldt.