Humboldt Alumni Scholarship Empowers Students to Achieve Academic Dreams

Jul, 2023
A photo (Clockwise from top left) of Humboldt Alumni Scholarship recipients Jacob Goodbrod, Alexis Fierro, Olivia Rink, and Benjamin Osborne.

The Humboldt Alumni Scholarship is a testament to the dedication of Cal Poly Humboldt's alumni in supporting current students. A committee carefully selects recipients each year based on academic achievement, activities, and financial need. This year, the committee awarded four $1,500 scholarships to Humboldt students Olivia Rink (‘25, Business Administration), Alexis Fierro (‘25, Wildlife), Jacob Goodbrod (‘23, Psychology), and Benjamin Osborne (‘24, Film).

For all students, the scholarship goes a long way to helping them achieve their goals.

“Receiving this scholarship means a great deal to me,” says Goodbrod. “Being a college student is expensive. It can be difficult and stressful to balance study and work in ways that feel optimal. Having the support of a scholarship goes a long way to easing this stress. It benefits not only my academic life but my mental health as well.”

Funded by Cal Poly Humboldt’s alumni association Forever Humboldt’s fundraising efforts and alumni donations, the scholarships offer valuable support to deserving students. The awards are granted to full-time students for the following academic year, helping them pursue their educational goals with the support of their Humboldt community.

“This scholarship allows me more time to pursue extracurricular activities, such as volunteering in Hospice Grief Support Services, that help me give back to our community and gain valuable experience. I am extremely grateful for this support,” says Goodbrod.

Applicants can apply through the scholarship link in their myHumboldt account or via the Financial Aid website. To be eligible, students must be related to a Humboldt alumnus and demonstrate a strong commitment to academic excellence.

Meet all 2023-2024 Cal Poly Humboldt Alumni Scholarship recipients here.

Photo: (Clockwise from top left) Jacob Goodbrod, Alexis Fierro, Olivia Rink, and Benjamin Osborne.