The Joy of Giving: Alumni Supports Future Students

Sep, 2015
Alumni donor Bill Joy and his wife

Bill Joy (‘66, Physical Education) really likes helping students. That's why he established a charitable gift annuity with HSU.

Bill has a selfless perspective when it comes charitable giving. “I’m not wealthy, but if I end up with more money than I start with at the end of the year, I give it away. I’ve always been like that. My dad was the same way,” he explains.

 “I was excited to learn about charitable gift annuities,” he said. A charitable gift annuity provides him with a secure, fixed income—part of which is tax-free—and at the end of his life, the remaining monies will come to HSU to support students and strengthen the learning environment.

Bill Joy came to HSU to play football in 1961 after serving in the Navy. Enrolling in the spring semester, he studied physical education and athletic training. He played three years as offensive guard for the Lumberjacks, capturing a conference championship during that time, and in 1965, he coached the HSU freshman football team and apprenticed under HSU’s athletic trainer, Cedric Kinzer.

The valuable experience and education Bill gained at HSU propelled him to a position at Eastern New Mexico University after graduation. He spent 25 years at Eastern New Mexico as a physical education instructor and head athletic trainer until he retired in 1991. Along the way he met the love of his life, Marilyn, and started a family. Throughout the years he never forgot his time at Humboldt State. Once Bill ensured his family would have a financially secure future, he began giving to the next generation of HSU students.    

Bill says he enjoys the simple things in life, and now spends his time hunting, fishing, and playing golf. Among these simple pleasures, he also includes philanthropic giving.

Bill has a booming, cheerful voice that softens when he reflects on the financial challenges today’s students face. “If it wasn’t for education, I wouldn’t be where I am today. When I started at HSU in 1961, it cost $48 a semester. What does college cost today? Kids in education today need help.”

Bill’s charitable gift annuity not only provides him with a stable retirement income for the rest of his life, along with a range of immediate and long-term tax benefits, it’s enabling him to do more than he thought was possible to touch the lives of Humboldt State students.

Bill Joy embodies the spirit of Humboldt State by looking ahead to the next generation. To learn more about HSU’s Charitable Gift Annuity program click here. To request a gift annuity proposal tailored to your needs or discuss other giving options, email HSU’s Office of Philanthropy at or call (707) 826-5101.