Alumni Scholarship Supports Today’s Students

Dec, 2016
Tyler Warren

The Alumni Association Scholarship supports relatives of HSU alumni with $1,000 scholarships that can make a real difference during their studies.

Tyler Warren was a 2014 recipient of the scholarship and has been able to put the funds to good use while earning his degree in Elementary Education. Warren recalls visiting campus with his aunt, a 1970 Sociology graduate, during his junior year of high school, “I loved the difference from the city,” says the Napa, Calif., native. “I never felt like we had much access to nature back in the Bay Area.”

What really sold Warren on HSU was the feeling of inclusiveness found on campus. During his tour, Warren’s aunt took him to the Sunset residence hall, where she lived when she started at Humboldt in 1967. “I remember seeing signs protesting California’s Prop. 8 and immediately felt a connection. I knew I wanted to go here,” he says.

Warren got to work making a niche for himself on campus, where he even followed his aunt’s footsteps by working as a student assistant in the Office of Financial Aid. Warren also started preparing for his career in education as early as possible. “I made ­sure I was volunteering at a local school every semester,” he says. Warren has worked at schools as remote as the Hoopa Valley Elementary School and the nearby Jacoby Creek School.

During school, Warren remembers Critical, Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies instructor Maral Attalah and her class, which he says provided him with an understanding of the challenges people from different backgrounds must face. “I’m really passionate about social justice and her class really helped shape my worldview.”

Warren’s success as an HSU student was due, in part, to the generous support of Humboldt’s alumni and their dedication to the success of today's students. Alumni show that loyalty with their support of the Alumni Association Scholarship, which is awarded to family members of HSU alumni on an annual basis.

As an alumnus or alumna of Humboldt State University, you can nominate a relative for the scholarship or encourage him or her to pick up an application at the Forever Humboldt Office in Nelson Hall East 122. You can also learn more about supporting the Alumni Association Scholarship or other areas of campus at