Anna Morris: Blending Baroque and Today's Hits

Mar, 2017
Anna Morris ('06, Music)

From a debut with the Mad River Philharmonic to performing at opera festivals in Italy, Anna Morris (’06, Music) is passionate about sharing her musical talent.

Now the skilled violinist is part of Spinphony, a classical-pop fusion group based in Denver that blends four string players with a DJ, getting a truly unique result. The group is just as likely to perform Beethoven as Bruno Mars, though Morris says she's more drawn to classic rock period than lighter pop fare. "It's just got so much more music happening," she says.

The Humboldt County native is also a graduate of the University of Denver’s Lamont School of Music where she earned a Certificate in Orchestral Studies in Violin and a master’s degree in Suzuki Violin Pedagogy.

Morris’ journey with music began at the age of 5 with lessons on the piano. Not content to stick with one instrument, she urged her parents to let her try the violin. By age 14, she was working with HSU Music Professor and violin/viola instructor Cindy Moyer, who became a major influence on Morris views of music—including leading her to the Suzuki method of musical education.

“I always had the highest regard for her teaching,” says Morris. “She was really my inspiration for learning to teach the Suzuki method. I wanted to be able to be a teacher to someone like she was for me.”

Currently, Morris works with around 30 students of all ages and abilities in the Boulder, Colo., area. She's eager to help her students realize their musical dreams, but emphasizes that sticking to the fundamentals and developing a technical capacity to handle the instrument is how young musicians can best start. “I want to give my students the tools they need to create the music they want. I focus a lot on basics, honestly, just to get across to my students this is what you need to do in order to create a beautiful sound.”

Her work with Spinphony can be heard on SoundCloud, itunes or by visiting the website at