New Scholarship Strengthens the Future of Social Work

Marion Diller Social Work Scholarship

June 26, 2019—For a long time, Marion Diller dreamed of supporting education. She realized that dream through her partnership with Humboldt State by establishing a scholarship to strengthen the next generation of social workers and honor the legacy of that profession’s impact on her own life.   

Marion Diller

The Marion Diller Social Work Scholarship will help support graduate students pursuing a Master of Social Work degree. The scholarship will provide $2,000 to a student each year, and is available to scholars completing their field work in local public schools.

“Humboldt State was very easy to work with. And I knew they had an excellent Social Work program that would prepare students for their careers.” Though Marion didn’t attend Humboldt State, she spent a portion of her childhood in Eureka during the 1960s and fondly remembers the natural beauty of the area.

Marion has a personal interest in social work because of the positive impact it had on her life when she was growing up. “Social workers really helped me and my family through some difficult times when I was a child. They provide a tremendous amount of care for people in difficult situations.”

Her volunteerism also resonates with the type of care provided in the Social Work field. Marion donates her time to organizations that focus on well-being and mental health, and provides conflict resolution services at a long-term care facility.

“The field of social work is very important to me. I hope a young person who wants to give back can use this scholarship to go through the Social Work program and graduate without being loaded down with debt.”

Marion, who is now retired from an administrative position in local government, has always been education-oriented. “I earned my degree from Sacramento State at a time when college was virtually free. It’s hard for young people today. I want to do my part to make it easier for a few students. When a scholarship is awarded I feel a great sense of satisfaction that stays with me for a long time.”

In addition to the Marion Diller Social Work Scholarship, Marion previously established the Marion Diller Scholarship in Environmental Resources Engineering at HSU to support students focused on careers in sustainability.

If you would like to join Marion in supporting the Social Work program, you can make a gift here. If you have questions about giving, or would like to learn about other ways to support HSU students, visit, email the Office of Philanthropy at, or call 707.826.5200.

Posted on June 26, 2019