Student Voices: Scholarship Recipient Corabelle Esmailian

Sep, 2018

*The following is a message from Corabelle Esmailian (‘19, Liberal Studies and Mathematics), recipient of the Thelma and Kasper Ingebritson Scholarship.

I am honored to have received the Thelma and Kasper Ingebritson Scholarship -an award named after two lifelong educators. I have a thirst for knowledge that, I don’t believe, can ever be satisfied. I am double majoring in liberal studies/elementary education and mathematics education with the goal of becoming an elementary school teacher and igniting a passion of learning in others.

I have worked with students on both academic and personal levels and have learned about the difficult backgrounds that some children come from and how they struggle to overcome personal obstacles without compromising their educations. For some children, school is the only place that they feel safe or wanted and they go to school not to learn, but to be loved. I am determined to be a part of this community of support for all children I work with.

I want to provide children with a safe and nurturing environment while providing them with a quality education. Each day at Humboldt State University puts me closer to achieving my academic and professional goals. Receiving this scholarship has been a step towards reaching my goals and having the ability to engage with children in a supportive and educational way.  I want to say thank you for this opportunity.