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DONOR VOICE UPDATE: See How Last Year’s Humboldt Loyalty Projects are Already Helping HSU Students

Mar, 2016

Here’s a progress report on some of the amazing projects and improvements happening around campus thanks to donors to the Humboldt Loyalty Fund and Parents & Family Fund. Check out quotes from students and faculty as they describe how these projects are enriching the learning environment and allowing students to explore emerging technologies. Thank you so much for making HSU an extra special place to learn and grow.

Collaborative Research Stations in the University Library

Collaborative Research Station in the University Library

Last semester, the HSU Library built eight high-tech collaborative workspaces with the help of Humboldt Loyalty Fund and Parent and Family Donors. You can read the full project description here.

“Collaborative workspaces support the development of key skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, and effective communication. The Library is now able to offer eight Collaboration Stations, which include a large table and a 60-inch screen where students can create presentations together in a realistic setting.”
-Cyril Oberlander, Dean of the Library

“We have been coming here since last semester. This is our spot! It leads to better communication because everyone can see what is going on (rather than looking over each other’s shoulders) and give input. We are Chemistry and Physics majors, but we don’t have keys for the Chemistry computer lab, so this space is ideal for us.”

-Students Chloe Goings (Physics), Taylor Team (Geology) and David Class (Chemistry)

Transform Science D Room 19 into a Multi-purpose Laboratory (Science Lab Renovation)

A new Water and Energy Laboratory in Science Building D.

This year, renovations began for a new Water and Energy Laboratory in Science Building D. You can read the full project description here.

“Students and faculty of the environmental resources engineering department are very excited about the renovation and creation of the new donor-funded Water and Energy Laboratory. This space will be used by students to explore new technologies for treating water and the energy and water nexus. In particular, membrane technologies, which can be used for desalination, will be explored in undergraduate and graduate courses, and in student research projects.”
-Beth Eschenbach, Chair of the Environmental Resources Engineering Department

Also, check out the Environmental Resources Engineering web page to read about some of the great things happening in the engineering department.

Cameras for the 3D Digital Motion Capture System in the Biomechanics Lab

Kinesiology Biomechanics Lab

Kinesiology faculty members were able to purchase new 3-Dimensional Digital Motion Capture Cameras with help from HLF and Parent & Family Fund donors. For details on the original project proposal click here.

“With the addition of new digital motion capture cameras, students are now able to collect and analyze data 2-3 time faster. This, in turn, has allowed our students to provide twice as many gait (walking) analyses and balance assessments to members of our community as compared to the past. With these cameras, students are gaining the hands-on skills needed to succeed in a post-graduation work and or graduate school. I am pleased to say that by having students learn to use these cameras for clinical service and research, they have been able to EARN their way into some of the most prestigious graduate Kinesiology programs in the country including Harvard and University of Colorado.”

-Justus Ortega, Professor of Kinesiology

To read about some of the fascinating research taking place is the biomechanics lab click here.

Computers for a Student Geospatial Homework Lab

Geospatial lab

Recently, room 201 in the Natural Resources building was converted from a conference room to a Geospatial Lab thanks to Humboldt Loyalty Fund and Parent & Family Fund donors. For details on the original project proposal click here.

“With the help of donors, we were able to add the Geospatial homework lab as a resource for geospatial students. It has helped to enhance their understanding and confidence in using the GIS software. We have seen many students needing help with generic problems or needing access to the software programs needed for their geospatial courses. As a result of having access to a dedicated geospatial lab, the students that we see regularly have made great strides in their understanding of ArcMap and other geospatial software programs.”
-Professor Steven Martin

“One of the biggest advantages, in my opinion, is just having a collaborative space where everybody in the lab is working under the broad umbrella of geospatial work. The person on your left may have taken Advanced Cartography and can give you pointers on map design, whereas the person on your right has taken Advanced GIS and can help with more technical analysis tools. Geospatial analysis applies to such a broad range of disciplines and receiving feedback from people who have experience in those various fields is very beneficial."
-Geography Student

To read about some of the fascinating work being done in Geospatial Science at HSU click here.

Seating in Common Areas of Founders Hall

Founders Hall Seating Area

Last semester, donors helped add new seating/study areas to Founders Hall. For details on the original project proposal click here.

“The seating provides attractive and comfortable spaces for students to sit, relax, read, or meet. Founders Hall is one of the most visible and heavily trafficked buildings on campus and yet there were almost no seating options available before this. On one of the first days of the semester, a woman was eating lunch on one of the new benches. She stopped me as I walked by and asked if I knew who was responsible for the new furniture. ‘I always arrive in Founders 45 minutes before my lab begins,’ she explained, ‘but I used to always sit on the floor to eat my lunch. This is great; thank you!’”
-John Meyer, Chair of Political Science

"Please forward my thanks to the [donors] for placing student seating in Founder's Hall. I have been walking the halls watching students sitting on the floors for 12 and a half years and this is long overdue."
-Tom Mays, Professor of History

"Thank you for the new chairs and set up in founders. It is so nice to be able to sit down and get some work done before I have to get to class."
-Leila Kinson, Student

Look at all the great things your gifts are accomplishing. Your partnership is critical to providing the most cutting-edge technologies and learning tools possible. However, the mission is not over: There are many more projects and opportunities that are poised to enrich, enliven, and enhance the educations of HSU students.