Student Voices: Emma Collins, recipient of the Elmo Moore Memorial Mathematics Scholarship

Scholarship recipient Emma Collins

My name is Emma Collins and I am a senior mathematics major in my last semester at Humboldt State. I am a transfer student from Santa Rosa, California and I was originally a business major who wasn’t going to apply to HSU. However, my Dad is an alum and encouraged me to give HSU a chance and organized a visit. I loved the natural beauty of the campus, but the professors I met in the Math Department really made me feel like this was the right place for me. They were so nice! I also was able to sit in on a few classes and loved the structure.

Coming to a new place far from home is always difficult. However, being awarded the Elmo Moore Memorial Math Scholarship gave me a lot of confidence that HSU was my new collegiate home. It is an incredibly reassuring feeling knowing that I was supported by both my current professors and past alumni who believe in HSU students and help them attain their goals. That newfound confidence made me feel more comfortable and contributed to my success as a student. For that, I want to give the sincerest thank you to the creators and donors of the Moore Memorial Math Scholarship. Without you, my Humboldt experience wouldn’t nearly be what it is today!