Student Voices: Tharadet Man, Recipient of the Malcolm Oliphant Scholarship in Marine Science

Nov, 2018

*The following is a message from Tharadet Man, recipient of the Malcolm Oliphant Scholarship in Marine Science.

I came to Humboldt State to attend graduate school after completing my bachelors at CSU Long Beach. I decided to attend HSU when I realized that my thesis fit into the structure and research questions of an adviser in one of the marine science programs. Global Warming (to put it simply) is happening because we are releasing CO2 into the atmosphere. However, a third of that CO2 gets dissolved into the ocean which has helped in slowing down the effects of global warming. The issue with that, however, is when the CO2 dissolves into the water it makes the ocean more acidic. As a result, organisms made of shells and bones start to dissolve. Interestingly enough, the naturally high acidity of the coasts of Northern California has caused shelled organisms to develop thicker shells. My research is based on figuring out why this trend is happening and how this knowledge could be used to help other sea creatures within our planet’s oceans.

Aside from the opportunity to explore my field of interest, there were many benefits and resources available to graduate students within my major’s department. For example, I had the opportunity to teach labs for both lower and higher division biology classes. That being said, receiving the Malcolm Oliphant scholarship has really helped make my college experience a little more accommodating and better to handle. That’s not to say I live comfortably, however, it’s nice to not have to skip out on meals or worry about rent. I am able to supplement myself and focus on what I should be doing: my thesis! I am grateful for all the ways this scholarship has supported me and all the ways Humboldt State in general has supported my research experience. Thank You!