Humboldt Loyalty Partners are Committed to HSU's Future

May, 2015

“Knowing I can make an impact on somebody else – it’s a good feeling.” 

Growing up camping and enjoying the outdoors, Jenna Hanson (’14) knew she wanted to study animals when she got to college.

She found her way to Humboldt State from Southern California and decided to study Zoology and Marine Biology. At HSU, she not only found a University, she found a home. 

Jenna has a true passion for Humboldt State and her excitement shines through when she talks about her alma mater. “I miss everything about HSU!  I miss it all the time. I had great professors, the Biology Department was awesome, and I loved working in the Marine Lab.” 

Jenna shows her appreciation for HSU and the difference it has made in her life by being a donor. In fact, she has been giving since she was a student. Jenna says, “Knowing I can make an impact on somebody else – it’s a good feeling.” She speaks from experience when it comes to donor dollars having an impact on students. “My senior thesis wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been for Humboldt Loyalty Funds,” says Jenna.  “Gifts from donors (including me!) paid for the tide tanks I used for my research at the Fred Telonicher Marine Lab in Trinidad.”

Jenna recently became a Humboldt Loyalty Partner by making a Partnership Pledge, a recurring monthly gift, to the Humboldt Loyalty Fund. Her pledge will continue until she chooses to change it. “I like that my money will continue going to something I know is worthwhile without me having to worry about renewing it. It’s so convenient!” says Jenna. 

To make a difference in student lives like Jenna does, consider signing up to be a Humboldt Loyalty Partner by visiting You’ll be joining a group of over 120 alumni, parents, students, and other supporters who are committed to the Humboldt State experience.