Carin Kaltschmidt

'90 Computer Information Science

Carin Kaltschmidt (‘90, Computer Information Science) is an Ernst & Young executive who leads professional consulting services for large global corporations. For more than 25 years, she specialized in managing complex business and technology transformations for high tech, media, and entertainment industries. She is a strategic leader that empowers global businesses to innovate their operations, to implement cutting-edge technology and to transform their workforce. She has worked with diverse teams of professionals representing more than 40 countries throughout her career.

She led a crisis management program for Sony Pictures Entertainment following a cybersecurity hack, she managed a global expansion markets program at Cisco Systems to set up new Cisco legal entities in over 30 emerging countries, and headed a team at Disney to launch Disney+ into homes, laptops, tablets, and smartphones across the globe.

Kaltschmidt also established a HSU endowment fund that created an annual scholarship for Computer Science students so they can follow in her footsteps.

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