Forever Humboldt

Kenneth Davlin

'59-62 Engineering

As a member of the University's Advancement Foundation Board, Kenneth Davlin is part of a team that helps increase charitable giving and manage the university's endowment.

Davlin studied engineering at HSU from 1959-1962 and received a degree in civil engineering from the University of Utah. His engineering career has included work on hydroelectric, wastewater, housing and alternative energy projects. Davlin is President of Oscar Larson & Associates, a California-based engineering consulting firm.

As part of the 29-member Advancement Foundation Board, Davlin is particularly interested in expanding the university's business and engineering programs. He says: "Both contribute to better future organizations, wiser infrastructure development and more sensible financing programs."

Looking ahead, Davlin envisions a board that has a broader geographical base of membership. "I'd also like to see expansion of the Foundation so that it can better serve every department, college and facet of the university," he says.