Philip Anton

'98 Music

Philip Anton (‘98, Music) recognizes the vital role of a liberal arts education. His passion for music propelled him toward a successful career in technology. Currently serving on the Board of the Cal Poly Humboldt Foundation and as a Vice Chair of the Boldly Rising Campaign, he actively supports their missions. Philip's philanthropic efforts include a $30,000 gift to the Native American Food Sovereignty Lab and a $280,000 pledge to the Philip and Yuriko Anton Climate Fund.

Professionally, he has worked for Sound Chaser Music Software, Microsoft, Provide Commerce, and Intuit culminating in his role as a Group Development Manager, where he contributed to the success of platforms like TurboTax and QuickBooks. Based in San Diego, Philip Anton is highly regarded in the technology industry and valued for his passion, social impact, and professional achievements.

2023 Distinguished Alumni Winner Philip Anton