FREE New Benefit

HSU Humboldt Made Membership

For one year starting in November 2015, all members of Forever Humboldt have a membership with Humboldt Made. This special, free benefit grants access to discounts and offerings from a growing list of Humboldt area businesses. You get great discounts while supporting the Humboldt’s local economy.

Current discounts and offerings

  • 20% discounts
  • UniKtard

  • 15% discounts
  • Drakes Glen Creations & Artisan Chocolate
  • Fire and Light showroom

  • 10% discounts
  • Six Rivers Brewery Merchandise
  • Old Town Coffee & Chocolate
  • Pacific Outfitters Adventures & Academy
  • JB Maryn Gift Crates

  • 5% discounts
  • Humboldt Made Products every Friday at Wildberries

  • Other
  • $1 off samplers at Six Rivers Brewery
  • Free Shipping
  • All day Hoppy Hour at Mad River Brewery M-F

Using your membership

Student, faculty, and staff members – use you current campus ID or free Forever Humboldt card

Alumni and parent & family members – use your free Forever Humboldt card

Making online purchases

Enter “HSUmember” when checking out.

Learn more and see a current list of offers at the Humboldt Made community membership site.

Sign up with Humboldt Made to receive their newsletter and other updates.

Humboldt Made

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