Lora Webb Nichols: Photographs Made, Photographs Collected

October 8, 2022
4 to 6 p.m.
Colorado Photographic Arts Center

Join us for a Cal Poly Humboldt event, “Lora Webb Nichols: Photographs Made, Photographs Collected” on October 8th at the Colorado Photographic Arts Center (CPAC) in Denver, Colorado.

This special event is for alumni and friends of Cal Poly Humboldt. Humboldt Professor Nicole Jean Hill will give a private talk about her and her students' work in preserving and curating this historically significant photography archive. Jeff Crane, Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences will discuss the college and the transition to a polytechnic university, and Lise Smith-Peters, Senior Development Director, will provide an update on Cal Poly Humboldt’s first-ever campuswide campaign.

Following these short talks, you will have the opportunity to peruse the photograph collection, speak with Nicole, Jeff, and Lise and visit with old and new colleagues.

For more information please contact Lise.Smith-Pete​rs@humboldt.edu​ or call 530-521-2365.